With the smaller ones, the reinforcement of the motivation becomes even more necessary. That’s why we favor a pleasant, fun and relaxed environment in which children engage in learning activities through play. Above all, with the youngest children between the ages of 4-10 years, with which the theater, music and multiple activities are used that arouse their interest.

In addition, our curriculum is complemented by the Cambridge initiation program, Starters, Movers and Flyers, and preparation for official exams depending on each level.


Monday to Friday 16-17 / 17:30-18:30 (one or two days a week, to choose).


Students over the age of 11 need to feel interested in taking advantage of extracurricular classes, so they are in very small groups, with peers of similar ages and levels, in which our teachers create a fun and stimulating environment, using music And interesting topics of conversation, as fundamental axis of learning.

In addition, our courses are closely aligned with European A1, A2, B1, B2 level requirements, so they are fully trained in reading, writing, grammar, conversation and comprehension, being more prepared to Cambridge during the course.

Summer Camp

At STEM we have extensive experience in the realization of summer camps with 100% satisfaction for children and parents. Camps for students aged 4 to 16 who achieve, in just 4 weeks, a remarkable improvement in children’s English skills and confidence through activities such as cooking, graffiti, recycling, T-shirt decoration, jewelry making, Projects with singers, excursions, plays, conversations with artists and dancers, etc.

And so that the parents are fully informed of the activities and meet the teachers, a previous information meeting is held where the program is delivered, and the camp ends with an event where you can check the progress of the children and pick up a Customized report.

We also have collaboration agreements with different educational institutions in the UK.

Opening of registration period in the month of May.