Stella Mason

Chief Executive Officer

STEM English was born in 2012 with the purpose of introducing in Alicante a method to improve communication in English and language learning. After five years we have become one of the most innovative centers in the teaching of the English language and our seal is the personal treatment between teacher and student. Our students have placed us among the most prestigious centers that offer their services to large companies and institutions.

Due to the individuality of our programs, the active participation of the student and the continuous contact with the native teacher, the evolution in the language is carried out spontaneously and progressively from the first day, guaranteeing their learning. The teacher works in very small groups and basically develops oral comprehension and spoken fluency, since they are usually the most useful and difficult to achieve aspects. With this methodology, through practice, the rest of the components that globalize the learning of a language are acquired, such as grammatical structures, vocabulary, pronunciation, and so on.

Based on these premises, we guarantee a 100% effective method, with which our students improve their English in a short time, even from a basic level to an intermediate or higher level, by conceiving learning as a dynamic and fun experience. Of course, without forgetting the importance of providing certified teaching as a guarantee of achievement of objectives.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a personal appointment with me in which I will resolve all your doubts.

Special Training English Method

Learning a language requires 4 fundamental points, which will help you to improve you level of English in a matter of 3 months.


Creating dynamic and entertaining experiences.


Aiding the learning process with practical aspects of the language.


Helping each student to reach their goals with specific programs.


Reinforcing our students’ self-confidence.

STEM is much more than an English Academy. We are focused on our student’s overall development and well-being, making sure that they grow and prosper in a supportive environment where they can focus on their language skills but also become more confident human beings who are able to achieve anything and everything that they want. We want our students to be at a level of supremacy when compared to their peers and that is where our unique teaching approach comes in, where we focus on students being highly motivated to learn and acquire all goals that they have set for themselves. Our method has proven to be highly effective and ensures that students go from a basic level of understanding to an intermediate or even an advanced level of English.






% effectiveness




At STEM, we provide you a complete atmosphere to enhance your learning experience by providing an environment that is reminiscent of British culture to reinforce your learning by cultural appropriation. We celebrate events such as St. Patrick’s Day paddle tennis, and Thanksgiving. Various activities for children and adults are arranged, which include a party themed around Shakespeare’s classic play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other events that we hold apart from our study curriculum include:

Cooking events

Wherein students learn the names of typical English dishes and talk about recipes amongst each other to promote conversational skills and cultural integration.

Easter Egg Hunt

Which is a quintessential English tradition celebrated at Easter, where children enjoy looking for Easter eggs. It presents a perfect chance to review prepositions of place.

Christmas Party

The aim of the Christmas party is that students learn the specific vocabulary related to this topic through Christmas carols, arts and crafts, as an added adventure, students even decorate their own Christmas tree.


Students will have the chance to interact in an open way with a native English speaker by asking him/her some questions about a specific topic.


Visits to England are arranged wherein students practice their knowledge of the language with the help of their teachers and get a chance to take completely take in the environment and thrive on their interpersonal communication skills.

Fancy-dress party

Costumes, amusement and a relaxed environment where students have the chance of holding conversations with other people.

Wine tasting

A very interesting meeting where the students can learn the specific vocabulary taught by a professional.