Our inauguration and Thanksgiving party 2017

//Our inauguration and Thanksgiving party 2017

Stella Mason


STEM English Academies were established in January 2012 by Stella Mason and Javier Porcel. During this time the company has grown immensely, due to the support of students and though the efforts of our teachers and staff. Our first STEM English Academy in Gran Vía was opened on January 2012 and our second in Avenida Condomina opened its doors on 25th February 2013 and thereafter Luceros and Elche. At STEM Academy our aim is to broaden the minds of our students and to change their lives. Therefore we work most almost 24 hours to ensure we are able to help our students achieve their objetives. 

Logotipo del quinto aniversario de STEM English

What is STEM?

People often question the meaning of STEM. STEM means SPECIAL TRAINING, ENGLISH, METHODS. However there are many hidden meanings to the name STEM. 

STEM is the main part of the plant. We consider our method to be key to learning English (the STEM) and from there we create the leaves and the branches. STEM also symbolizes self renewal and rejuvenation. 

Thanks you for being part of the STEM English family!

Thanksgiving party 2017
Thanksgiving party 2017

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